Training Week 4/10

By Elliot Coulombe Woznica

Published 4/14/22


This training week was week 5 of the program that my coach usually designs for me. With that being said, my coach usually only programs in 4-week increments. Week 4 is always the hardest, and thus Week 5, in this case, was even harder. I really pushed myself this week, and I wanted to document my progress for this blog as a little reminder that speaks to how far I’ve come since the start of this blog. To start, I want to address my second-to-last squat session of this block of programming. Below is a video of my top triple from Sunday: 345lbs for a set of 3.

(I’m sorry, I’ve been having issues with uploading real youtube videos and not youtube “shorts”. I can’t embed shorts, so excuse the link for now.)

This squat session felt really good, and this set was only 30lbs below my best ever single on squats. At the end of this week, I hope to add onto this and rep out 360lbs for my top triple (15lbs below my all time best single, a huge personal record). This is huge progress, and I’m really excited to see how that set moves (you will hopefully see in next week’s blog post).


I don’t have any videos for my bench session this week, but bench has also been on the come up as of lately. To put things into perspective, my best ever bench in a meet was 286lbs when I last competed. This week, I benched 290lbs for my top single with ease. Again, I regret not having any video evidence of this. I’m extremely happy with this progress as well, though.


Finally, I wanted to discuss my deadlift. I will be omitting my deadlift video for this blog simply due to the technical error I discussed above. Yesterday, though, I deadlifted 430lbs for my top single. My best ever competition deadlift was 402lbs, so this is a huge PR. On top of this, this single was relatively easy, and it set me up for the weeks to come (when I hope to surpass 450lbs +). I’m over the moon about this, and this is a huge PR with regards to where I’ve been when it comes to lifting progress.


This week was a great ending to this block of programming, and it left me feeling super confident with the progress I’ve made and the potential I have for growth in the future. Although I didn’t get the chance to share any videos this blog or to discuss form and technique, I hope those of you who read this can still pull something from it. Thank you for reading!

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