DS106 Places of Peace Assignment

This is my ds106 assignment for 2/10. Based off of places of peace, the image above is a collection of places that bring me comfort and happiness (or peace). In the top left is my girlfriend’s house. It seems as though I spend most of my time at her house these days, and it’s probably because it’s so warm, fun, and peaceful. The image in the top right is my dad’s house. Once again, I spend a lot of time there and it’s always warm and comforting. The bottom left is the gym, and if you’ve read my blog, it goes without saying this place brings me great comfort. In the middle of the bottom is the beach house my girlfriend rents out. I spent so much time there this year, it really was the highlight of my summer. Finally, the picture in the bottom right is my girlfriend and I’s “spot”. It’s hard to describe, but this spot is where I asked her out, asked her to prom, etc. We discovered it one day and it just became ours. Because of this, it’s also one of my places of peace.