QCQ 3 (Rheingold)

QCQ for _Participation Power____________________________________________

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

“Digital participation literacy employs a toolbox of skills (persuasion, curation, discussion, and self-presentation foremost among them), and spans a range of involvement” (114).

Comment (250-500 words)

When I read this, it instantly reminded me of the liberal arts. More specifically, it threw me back to our discussion of the liberal arts in both English and First Year Seminar last semester. The liberal arts are often overlooked these days, people instead opting for technological fields of study and innovation. The arts host a number of key skills though, some of which you wouldn’t necessarily think apply. The same can be said about online participation, apparently. Although many might assume the web to be a place of little to no impact, this passage suggests the opposite. It instead houses a number of benefits and skills. I also see a connection between this and the articles we had to read last week. Blogging is perhaps one of the most straightforward ways to participate in the online world. Even as a newbie, I can see how blogging (participation) could help with discussion skills. Presenting myself, etc. Finally I think developing these skills are really key today. I genuinely believe online participation will be the future. I’m not saying everyone will own a blog, but META might find a way to digitize our lives! These skills will be important.


Are there ways digital participation is better for you than physical participation? Or vice versa?