Training Week 4/17-4/23

By Elliot Coulombe Woznica

Published 4/21/2022


As I mentioned in my most recent blog post, this past week was the final week in the month-long program that my coach typically designs for me. With that being said, the final week in any program is usually the week in which I’m allowed to really push myself. I definitely did that this week, so I’m excited to share my progress here. Unfortunately, though, I already detailed my heaviest bench and deadlift from this last week in my previous blog post. Because of that, I’ll focus mainly on my squat for today.


In brief, squats went extremely well this week. I ended with a pretty huge triple of 360lbs, a number that I’m really happy with. Here’s the video:

All in all, this set was great for a number of reasons. Firstly, and probably most importantly, my form remained really solid throughout the duration of this set. Secondly, the set moved slowly but felt extremely smooth and powerful. Finally, this is only 14lbs off from my best ever squat single. This means that I’ve really improved since the last meet.


In the coming weeks, me and my coach have decided to push for a heavy deadlift of about 445lbs, a heavy bench of around 300lbs, and a heavy squat triple of around 370lbs. All of these numbers will be much much higher than anything I’ve ever done in a meet, and I’m really excited about it. Even after this block of programming (in which we’ve set these goals), my next meet isn’t until the end of July. Because of that, I’m really confident in adding a huge amount to my meet total. My coach estimates that I’ll likely shoot for a 402lb squat, 314lb bench, and 463lb deadlift. This would add over 100lbs to my total from last meet, a huge, HUGE personal record and improvement for me. This is the road to nationals blog, so I’ll hopefully keep everyone updated once the time actually comes. For now, though, thank you for reading!

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