English 110

University of New England’s Description of English 110:

This course introduces students to writing as a conscious and developmental activity. Students learn to read, think, and write in response to a variety of texts, to integrate their ideas with those of others, and to treat writing as a recursive process. Through this work with texts, students are exposed to a range of reading and writing techniques they can employ in other courses. Students work individually and collaboratively, participate in peer review, and learn to take more responsibility for their writing development. Placement into this course is determined by multiple measures, including high school achievement and SAT scores

My Own Description of English 110:

This course offers a more concrete and step-by-step approach to writing when compared to other English classes. Through analyzing various texts and engaging with new writing techniques and concepts every class, students learn to continually add to their writing toolbox. Throughout the semester, these new techniques are integrated into each of the three papers students have to write. This course also places an emphasis on peer review and the “recursive process”, teaching students the importance of formulating rough ideas and then narrowing in on clear and concise thoughts.