Core Curriculum Assignment

Perhaps the most glaring comparison I could make between my Fall classes and the core curriculum is the emphasis UNE places on the arts. Although the term “emphasis” might be a bit generous, UNE still requires students to take at least one liberal arts course over the 4 year curriculum. This is important to me as liberal arts and empathetic thinking are the current subjects of the English class I’m taking right now. Especially having just written a brief response about this subject for that class, I find it intriguing to notice something I’ve studied being put into practice. I’m excited to take my liberal arts class. I’m sure it will give me a more well-rounded and empathetic view of the world. I’m currently enrolled in a philosophy course.

Two Questions

1.) I noticed that the core curriculum requires first years to take an environmental studies course. I’m not enrolled in one, though, so will I have to take one at a later time?

2.) According to section VI, there seems to be a lack of emphasis on an individuals major (especially during years 2 and 4). How does this allow for someone to actually complete all of their required major classes? Is there leniency regarding dropping core curriculum classes?

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