Goal Setting Table

GOAL DIMENSIONSNear Term Goals (Fall ‘21 & 2021-22)Longer Term Goals (2022-2025+)
PERSONALI hope to place as one of the top 3 overall lifters at my powerlifting meet in January. I want to squat over 400lbs on the platform at that same meet. Lifting isn’t a liberal art, however I think some of the same principles of education in the liberal arts apply. Lifting, something seemingly redundant, has helped with my work ethic, motivation, and mental fortitude.I hope to make it to collegiate nationals for USAPL while I’m still a teenager (2 years). I hope to leave college with proficiency in the stock market, crypto trade, etc, and to have made at least $1,000 from these things throughout college. 
EXTRACURRICULARI want to create a powerlifting club at UNE as we don’t have one. I want to become a part of one (other) club this semester, specifically one having to do with environmental studies.I hope to become head of the powerlifting club I create and to properly manage the club and succeed. I want to become more fluent with the programs UNE gives students. To be more specific, I hope to be able to fully utilize things like SASC by the time I’m a senior.
ACADEMICI want to finish this semester with A’s in all of my classes. I want to learn to stop procrastinating and to start working with my future self in mind. This is a critical thinking skill in my opinion, something that could be improved through the liberal arts as I’ve learned through Scheuer and Ungar.I want to graduate from college with a 4.0 GPA. I want to enroll in liberal arts classes through all years of my education. Having read Ungar, Sheuer, and even the core handbook, I feel it’s important to explore the liberal arts and improve my critical thinking skills. I also want to prepare myself for productive citizenship.

Throughout the process of setting these goals, I found myself faced with more struggle than success. Personally, I’ve always struggled with caring about certain things. That sounds like a vague and depressing statement, but it’s the truth. Although I do well in school and have no issues participating in extracurriculars, I just haven’t ever really cared about what goes on in those fields of my life. For that reason, I found setting those goals to be particularly difficult. My personal goals, however, were much easier. I’ve had many of those goals in mind for a long time, longer than I’ve been attending UNE.

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