3 Rough Paragraphs for Major Exploration


The mission statement of the Applied Exercise Science program at UNE aligns well with many of Boyer’s thoughts. More specifically, the explicit goal of becoming “highly effective, compassionate [and] allied,” parallels much of what Boyer believes constitutes an adequate education (UNE). When asking what constitutes an enriched and legitimate major, Boyer believes one of the guiding questions should revolve around what the “ethical and moral issues to be confronted,” in the major are (Boyer 223). By emphasizing being compassionate and allied, UNE is confronting this guiding question and securing the Applied Exercise Science program as an enriched major. Through compassion and skill, students who finish this program should be ethically and morally sound individuals willing to help anyone who needs it. 


One of the required courses in the Applied Exercise Science program is the Personal Health and Wellness course. This course is enriching and its purpose is expansive. Because of this, it also aligns well with Boyer’s ideas. One of Boyer’s largest complaints is that many majors narrow students’ views; Boyer believes that studying a specific major should be a “broadening experience,” (Boyer 223). Through highlighting ideals like “lifetime personal development,” and  “health and wellness concepts and applications,” this course demonstrates the emphasis on broadening students’ horizons (UNE). Lifetime personal development is arguably the most important part of life itself, so a course that emphasizes this is certainly a broadening experience.


Many parts of the Applied Exercise Science major at UNE align with Boyer’s ideas on the “enriched major”. A great example of this lies within the learning outcomes of the major. One learning outcome for this major is to “recognize the importance of ethically-grounded care for diverse clients, patients and/or athletes,” (UNE). This is in accordance with Boyer’s views as Boyer believes the enriched major should answer the question “what are the moral and ethical issues to be confronted,” (Boyer 223). By focusing on ethical care, UNE is answering this question. UNE expects its students to adopt empathetic thinking skills to provide care to those who need it, regardless of who they are. UNE recognized that Applied Exercise Science extends far beyond the lab. Although it’s important to perform well, when contextualized, the jobs provided through this major aim to impact and benefit people. By grounding this intent and emphasizing the benefits for all groups of people, UNE has enriched this major.

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